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New Releases for July 8, 2008


Here are this week's notable new releases.

1. 'Cosa Nostra' (DVD)

Cosa Nostra DVD
Courtesy LatinFlow
If Latin hip hop is the music that moves you, you might be interested in this DVD as it is a documentary coming out of Miami that takes an inside look at the latin urban industry in Miami. There are over 50 exclusive intervies as well as live performances from Jowell y Randy, Tego Calderon, Zion, Joell Ortiz, DJ Epps and many more.

Watch the Cosa Nostra trailer

2. Los Temerarios - 'Si Tu Te Vas'

Los Temerarios - Si Tu Vas
Courtesy Fonovisa
If you loved the sweeping ballads that are the signature sound of Los Temerarios, then Si Tu Te Vas, the first album in 6 years by the popular group from Fresnillo, Zacatecas, Mexico, is going to light up your week. Here's a preview of the album's break-out single.

Listen to "Si Tu Te Vas"

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3. Marala - 'Por Aqui'

Marala is a young pop artist from Colombia and Por Aqui is her debut album. For a sample of songs from her album, you can visit the Marsala website or watch the "Por Aqui" video to see the artist in action.

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4. Javier Torres - 'Rehen Del Amor'

Speaking of Fresnillo, Zacatecas, here's an album by a singer from the same town, Javier Torres. Torres is best known as the leader of the popular Los Rehenes, but began branching out into solo albums in 1994. This one is for those who love Mexican ballads, grupero, banda, corrido - well, Torres usually performs a little bit of everything Mexican.

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5. El Chapo - 'Te Va A Gustar'

It looks like El Chapo de Sinaloa's dreams of becoming a singing cowboy have come true - at least the 'singing' part. With his popularity waxing, he probably doesn't have much time to spend on horseback these days.

6. Diego Rivas - 'En Vivo Desde Guadalajara'

A live album by banda's Diego Rivas.

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7. Tangoloco & Daniel Garcia Quintero - 'Tangoloco En Vivo'

Musicians do a lot of interesting things with the tango and this group from Buenos Aires is no exception. Their 2003 album Tangos de Liverpool had a track list of Beatles favorites, converted to tango tempo and style. Tangoloco En Vivo is a new live album; there's also a DVD of a live performance in Buenos Aires for those who crave a visual element to their music.

Tangoloco Live in Buenos Aires DVD Purchase /Download

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