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Latin Music New Releases for September 2, 2008


Here are this week's notable new releases.

1. Lila Downs - "Shake Away'

Courtesy Manhattan
Mexican-American Lila Downs mixes native Mexican music with her own compositions and sensibilities. Singing in both Spanish and English, Shake Away includes special guests Mercedes Sosa, Cafe Tacuba's Ruben Albarran and Raul Midon.

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2. Toby Love - 'Love Is Back'

Music fans that love bachata love Toby Love. His sophmore album Love Is Back deals with contemporary themes to which most young adults will be able to relate.

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3. Marco Antonio Solis - 'Una Noce en Madrid' (DVD)

The CD of Solis' live concert came out a couple of months ago; now you can get the DVD and watch this amazing talent on the screen.

By the way, Solis will be touring this September, so check the Latin Music Concerts listings for dates and cities.

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4. Jaguares - '45'

Another album from Mexico, this time rock en espagnol's Jaguares take the stage with their new studio album.

5. Maraca - 'Lo Que Quiero Es Fiesta'

If you love Cuban timba, salsa, son and jazz, you'll love Maraca. This is his first album in 4 years so there should be a lot of new music for Maraca fans (of which I am one!).

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6. El Simbolo - 'Mundo Pop'

If you thought disco was dead (and are sorry about it) this is the album for you. A dance party riot for those who like to shake their booty.

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