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New Releases Thru September 22, 2009


Here are the notable new releases for the last couple of weeks.

1. Nelly Furtado - 'Mi Plan'

After a couple of years to think about it, Nelly Furtado follows up her hit album Loose with an all-Spanish language album. Contains the hit single "Manos Al Aire."

2. Luis Miguel - 'No Culpes a La Noche'

No Culpes A La Noche is a collection of some of Miguel's biggest hits, remixed for the dance floor.

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3. Jesse & Joy - 'Electricidad'

Mexico's Jesse & Joy wowed the pop world with their debut album in 2007, an album that spawned a stream of hits. Electricidad is their eargerly awaited sophmore album and its single "Adios" is already flooding the airwaves.

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4. Kany Garcia - 'Boleto De Entrada'

Here's another sophmore album from an artist that found phenomenal success with her debut offering -- Puerto Rico's Kany Garcia. Boleto De Entrada is an upbeat pop album with a Latin American influence; it also contains the single "Feliz."

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5. Frankie Negron - 'Independence Day'

Frankie Negron is a big name in salsa; with Independence Day Negron sings his heart out in his first all-English album.

6. Brownout - 'Aguilas & Cobras'

For a change of pace, try a little Latin funk from Austin, Texas band Brownout.

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7. Pacha Massive - 'If You Want It'

If You Want It is the follow-up album to Pacha Massive's All Good Things; the music is a funky, bilingual fusion of dub and electronica with Latin rhythms like cumbia and palo.

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8. Jon Secada - 'Expressions'

Fans of Miami's Jon Secada might be surprised to hear his new album as Expressions is a Jazz album. If you're a fan of his Latin sound, this might not be the album for you but those who love his smooth voice should be in for a treat.

9. Sergio Vallin - 'Bendito Entre Las Mujeres'

Mana fans are already familiar with Sergio Vallin since he's at the heart of the band with his distinctive guitar. This album, though, is something a little different as Vallin provides guitar back-up to a cast of great female singers including Ana Torroja, Rosana, Joy Juerta (Jesse & Joy), Natalia Jimenez (La 5ta Estacion) and more.

10. Alex Cuba - 'Agua del Pozo'

Cuban soul rock is not something you hear much of but Canadian Alex Cuba delivers it with panache. Cuba is also the man fellow-Canadian Nelly Furtado turned to when she was faced with creating an Spanish-language album.

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11. Big Pun - 'The Legacy - Best of Big Pun'

The first Latino hip hop artist to sell a million records, the South Bronx native was on the fast track when he suddenly was felled by a heart attack at the age of 29, just two months before the release of his second album, Yeeeah Baby. In tribute to the rapper, filmmaker Vlad Yudin directed a 93-minute documentary feature chronicling the rappers life; this album contains music from the film - some of the best of Big Pun's work.

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12. Mario Ortiz, Jr. - 'Mario Ortiz All Stars'

The son of bandleader Mario Ortiz, trumpeter Mario Ortiz Jr pays tribute to his father with a hot album full of old-style Latin swing. He gets lots of help with friends Gilberto Santa Rosa, Andy Montanez, Ismael Miranda, Cheo Feliciano and lots, lots more.

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