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New Latin Music Releases

November 20, 2007


Here are the notable new releases for this week.

1. Gilberto Santa Rosa - Contrastes

Salsa's Caballero Gilberto Santa Rosa is back with a new album. Last year's Directo Al Corazon was a mix of styles, both salsa and pop. Contrastes is similar, except this 2 CD set has all salsa on one disc and a mix of pop and boleros on the other.

This should save wear and tear on your finger; no need to push "next track" if you prefer one type of music to the other!

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2. RBD - Empezar Desdo Cero

RBD is 'Starting From Zero" with their new studio album. Well, actually this is their fourth, but Empezar Desdo Cero is the name of the album. The album's break-out single "Inalcazable"' video will also be released on the same day, so stay tuned.
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3. Jose Feliciano - Senor Bachata

I don't believe Jose Feliciano has ever tackled bachata before, so this album should be of great interest to both Feliciano and bachata fans. The album name echoes 1998's Senor Bolero and Feliciano gets help from guest artists Milly Quezada, La India and Rakim & Ken-y.
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4. Voltio - En Lo Claro

Voltio is one of the big names in reggaeton, although a lot of his music can seem more hip hop and trancy than others in the genres. Here's a preview of the album, with the single "Ponmela".

Listen to "Ponmela"

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5. La Quinta Estacion - El Mundo Se Equivoca Y Algo Mas

Spain's La Quinta Estacion released El Mundo Se Equivoca in 2006; in this CD/DVD set, the CD is the same set of songs as on the original while the "something more" is the DVD. This DVD contains 16 music videos, some in-studio, some live. It also has bonus "behind the scenes" footage of their acoustic aol session recorded in New York.
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6. Lupillo Rivera - Fiesta Privada

For lovers of banda/corrido, "El Toro de Corrido" Lupillo Rivera delivers a private fiesta for his fans. I've seen this album listed as both Fiesta Privada and Desde Una Fiesta Privada.
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7. Motel - 17

Mexican pop/rock group Motel has been getting a lot of airplay lately. The arrival of a the new album, 17 should be a holiday gift for all their many fans. Here's a sample with a video of 17s hit single "Y Te Vas".

Watch "Y Te Vas"

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8. Luny Tunes 20 #1's Now

Luny Tunes brings us 20 hit reggaeton tracks that have spent time looking down from the top of the charts. The compilation disc includes hits from Wisin y Yandel, Don Omar, Ivy Queen, Daddy Yankee and more.
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