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MTV Tr3s - Destination for Latino Music on Cable Television


MTV was a revolutionary concept when it went live in August 1981. MTV's initial format of all music, all the time was aimed at a target audience of adolescents and young adults and it became an overnight phenomenom.

Over time, MTV spawned a succession of other stations. In 1996 MTV2 was created to focus of a wider variety of music at the same time that the original MTV channel diversified into reality TV and features that dealt with current pop culture.

MTV also had been moving to the international market, copying its successful musical format in a variety of languages. For example, MTV Brazil was launched in 1990, MTV En Espagnol (which later became MTV Latin America) in 1993 and MTV Spain in 2000.

MTV Tr3s was created in 1999 and was originally called MTV en Espagnol. The name is MTV3, except that the Spanish word for 3, 'tres' is used with the 3 cleverly imbedded in the spelling (but still pronounced MTV 'tres'). MTV Tr3s' programming and website are in a combination of English and Spanish.

It initially followed the MTV2 format of blocks of videos that repeat every 8 hours but in 2005 it changed programming paradigm. The current programming includes different programs that celebrate Hispanic culture, music and art but there's still a good deal of focus on music - especially Latin rock, pop and urban genres like reggaeton and hip hop.

MTV Tr3s Programs

As on any station, programming changes over time. Here are some programs that are currently available but be sure to check the MTV Tr3s Website for what's new and current scheduling.

  • Sucker Free Latino - Mostly hip-hop, R&B and reggaeton music videos by Latino artists.
  • Mi Trl- Top 10 requested videos based on voting from the MTV Tr3s website.
  • MixMex - Music videos of Mexican artists
  • El Sonidero - Urban music videos (hip-hop, reggaeton, R&B)
  • Top 20 - Countdown of top twenty videos
  • Los Hits - Most poopular videos in rotation on MTV Tr3s
  • Cortadito- Hour or 1/2 hour early morning block video programming
  • Videosomnia - Late night block video programming
  • Music My Guey - - Playlist created by website visitors

MTV Tr3s is available on most cable services as well as satellite services. To find out the station on which MTV Tr3s is playing in your neck of the woods, check your local listings.

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