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Nuestro Himno: Readers Speak Out

Sample of Comments on Nuestro Himno Debate


There's no way to deny that the issue of having the National Anthem sung in Spanish has been a hot topic for the site's readers. The response - both for and against - has been heated and sometimes overwhelming.

For those of you who are curious about what people think but don't have the time to wade through the large number of comments that were posted against the original blog (Nuestro Himno: National Anthem in Spanish) and to the forum, here is a recap of some of the reader points-of-view I found of interest. It was tough to pick just a few, but you can still go back and read all the forum posts and comments.

From Forum: (No. 4)
I lived most of my life in Baltimore, where the Star Spangled Banner was written in 1814 and is taken seriously. I fly the U.S. flag from a flagpole in my front yard in Texas most days and even fly the 15-star-15-stripe Star Spangled Banner itself during the 21 days to honor America in summer and from Sept. 11 to 15 in observance of the Battle of Baltimore.

I have listened to the Spanish version of our national anthem (my Spanish is not good enough for me to judge the English translation I’ve also seen). Opponents of Nuestro Himno should focus on the legalisms involved; by law, the English song still is our national anthem -- but I have no problem with Nuestro Himno.

Give Gloria Trevi, Ivy Queen and Tito El Bambino credit: Nuestro Himno takes off from Francis Scott Key’s words. It is a lovingly- and respecfully-written pop song that acquaints our latest newcomers (who have few opportunities learn how hard-fought this nation’s freedoms are) with what happened above Fort McHenry in Baltimore harbor those five fateful and historic days in 1814.

From Forum: (No. 6)
If this were a true spanish translation of the words originally penned by Francis Scott Key without additions of references to illegal immigration then they can sing it iin spanish in the comforts of there own homes.

What has made this deal about immigration reform an issue about Hispanic immigrants, the law is for all immigration, not just the hispanics. Yes, it is through the border to mexico that a large portion of illegal immigrants come.

Why have we not seen a version of the national anthem in Greek, Thai, Tagolog, russian, or any other language spoken by the multitudes of immigrants in the United States, becuase most of them chose to come here of their own free will, and while maintaining the heritage that they came from have adopted the laws and customs of the country that they now call home and are not trying to change this country into the one that they left because they wanted a better life. Do not try to force your beliefs on those of us who were born in this country have fought and died to protect the rights that you flaunt in our face.

I have heard that Americans were the first illegal immigrants to this land, and maybe so. Tha twas a time of lawlessness, and you could be killed just for a minor disagreement. And people were shot for crossing borders that were not supposed to be crossed.

I support immigration reform. I do not support a guest worker program nor do I support amnesty for those in this country illegally. I do not think that we should reward the impatience of those who chose to circumvent the procedures that are already in place to enter this country legally. I support stiffer penalties for the employers of illegal immigrants, as this would reduce their desire to cross and work illegally.

From Forum: (No. 5)
Singing the Star Spangled Banner in another language sounds to me like a wonderful way to express your patriotism. Those who are complaining ought to look at the words of the original Francis Scott Key composition, particularly "Land of the Free." What exactly does "free" mean to you if you don't recognize how important it is for every individual to express himself or herself? I salute the free spirit of new generations of Americans who obviously understand what this great country is about better than some of those who have been here longer and may have lost touch with that feeling of living in the "Land of the Free"! Sing on!

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