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Pop / Rock / Alternative

Featuring links to artists, reviews and playlists of Latin Rock, Pop and Alternative music.
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Rock en Espanol - Essential Artists
A list featuring the top 10 most influential Latin Rock artists in history.

Introduction to Latin Alternative Music
Featuring an exclusive interview with Alt.Latino hosts Jasmine Garsd and Felix Contreras.

Essential Latin Pop Albums
A list of some of the best Latin Pop albums ever produced featuring works by artists like Shakira, Ricky Martin, Thalia, Enrique Iglesias and more.

Latin Alternative Songs for Beginners
Featuring a selection of Latin Alternative songs for beginners.

Essential Mexican Rock Bands
Featuring a list of the most influential Rock bands from Mexico.

The Faces of Latin Rock
A gallery of the top 10 most influential Latin Rock artists in history.

Soda Stereo
Profile and biography of the Rock en Espanol band Soda Stereo. Includes a list of best songs and suggested albums.

Mana - Essential Songs
Offering a list of top hits from the popular Mexican Rock band.

Top 10 Aterciopelados Songs
A list of the top 10 Aterciopelados songs.

Enanitos Verdes - Best Songs
A selection of classic hits from the legendary Rock en Espanol band including hits like "Igual Que Ayer," "La Muralla Verde" and "Lamento Boliviano".

Top 10 Most Romantic Ballad Singers in Latin Music
A look at the male artists who defined the Latin ballad genre including legendary stars such as Jose Jose, Julio Iglesias, Juan Gabriel and more.

Shakira - 'She Wolf'

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