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Prince Royce - 'Soy El Mismo' CD Review

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Photo Courtesy Sony Music Latin

Prince Royce - 'Soy El Mismo'

Photo Courtesy Sony Music Latin

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Prince Royce's third studio album Soy El Mismo (I Am The Same) is finally here. This 11-track CD, which marks the debut of Prince Royce with Sony Music Latin, features the highly acclaimed single "Darte Un Beso" plus a selection of tracks that combine everything from Bachata and Tropical music to Pop and Dance beats. Let's take a look at one of the most anticipated Latin music albums of 2013.


According to Prince Royce, Soy El Mismo is an album that reflects everything that has happened with his life and career since the release of his highly celebrated self-titled debut album. Besides that personal note, the artist from the Bronx is particularly proud about the combination of bilingual lyrics in Spanish and English with the different Tropical variations he incorporated into the album.

"Soy El Mismo"

This production is name after the very first track on the album. Even though "Soy El Mismo" is definitely a romantic song (much like a romantic ballad played with Bachata rhythm), it also conveys the reflection that inspired Prince Royce to produce this album. With its nice melody and well written lyrics "Soy El Mismo" is not only one of the best songs on the album but also one of the more 'mature' tracks in this work.

"Darte Un Beso"

Considering its enormous popularity, "Darte Un Beso" has been one of the top Bachata songs of 2013. Thanks to its unique Reggae and Hawaiian arrangements as well as its overall simplicity, this is also one of the most refreshing tracks from the album. If there is a single that truly represents the experimental side of Prince Royce's third album, that track is "Darte Un Beso."

Experimental Sound

The experimental side of this album is mostly defined by the way Prince Royce has combined Bachata with different music styles and genres. Besides the arrangements on "Darte Un Beso," there are several songs that reinforce the Bachata Pop style of the singer from the Bronx. For instance, the final segment of "Me Encanta" or the melancholic sound that surrounds "Invisible" represent a good sample of the innovation that Prince Royce has added into Bachata and Tropical music as a whole.

Mainstream Pop

Soy El Mismo has also allowed Prince Royce to consolidate his cross-over style. Thanks to songs like "You Are Fire," "Already Missing You" and "Kiss Kiss" this album has finally taken Prince Royce to the Pop realm he has been targeting from the beginning of his career. Even though I think this is the weakest part of this album, I would not be surprised if a song like "Already Missing You," the dancing track he recorded alongside Pop sensation singer Selena Gomez, gives Prince Royce the right ticket to capture a huge wave of mainstream listeners across the country.  

'Soy El Mismo' - Bottom Line

Overall, I have to say I am very impressed with this album. Even though this is a mainstream work, it does not take much to get a feeling for the amount of attention that was giving to each single track on this album. That said, Soy El Mismo is an album whose carefully crafted musical arrangements take Bachata music into a new dimension of refreshing sounds where Tropical music becomes more Pop than ever.

To be honest with you, Prince Royce's second album Phase II never got me as excited as his self-titled debut album. I personally think Soy El Mismo has brought back the exciting part about Prince Royce's music. While Phase II was kind of 'more of the same,' Soy El Mismo offers a new musical experience full of refreshing and innovative sounds. Prince Royce's debut album with Sony Music Latin is already one of the best Latin music albums of the 2013.

'Soy El Mismo' - Best Tracks

Record Label: Sony Music Latin
Release Date: October 8, 2013


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