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Carla Morrison - 'Dejenme Llorar' CD Review

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Photo Courtesy Carla Morrison Musica/Cosmica Records

Carla Morrison - 'Dejenme Llorar'

Photo Courtesy Carla Morrison Musica/Cosmica Records

Carla Morrison is one of the most interesting artists of today's Latin Alternative movement. With her 2012 album Dejenme Llorar, this Mexican singer has consolidated a unique music style defined by a melancholic tone and the artist's beautiful, warm voice. Thanks to this 14-track CD, Carla Morrison received four nominations to the 2012 Latin Grammy Awards. Let's take a look at this production.

A Uniform Sound

Most of the songs on this album are defined by a melancholic sound that is simple yet well conceived. Because of this, sometimes it is difficult to know if you are listening to the same song or the next one. In other words, there are lots of similarities between the different tracks, which is fine if you are able to go through the first songs on this album without getting tired.

If you are expecting to find variety on this album, 14 tracks defined by a very similar sound create room for disappointment. That said, Dejenme Llorar is an album that is not for everyone. However, people who want to get away from mainstream music may find this work very appealing.

"Hasta La Piel"

One of the best songs on this album, and one which injects this work with a different sound, is "Hasta La Piel." This single offers a nice beat, which is also a bit more mainstream than the rest of the stuff you can hear on this CD. I think Dejenme Llorar would have been a better album with a couple of additional tracks like this one.

Besides "Hasta La Piel," you can hear some of the most interesting melodies and arrangements in tracks such as "Me Encanta," "No Quise Mirar" and "Dejenme Llorar." I think these songs represent in a good way the sound that defines Carla Morrison's music today.

'Dejenme Llorar' - Bottom Line

Dejenme Llorar is an album that allows Carla Morrison to consolidate one of today's most distinctive styles in the Latin Alternative music scene. Although sometimes this CD may sound a bit repetitive, it offers for the most part a very pleasant, relaxing musical experience. If you are into mainstream music, however, you could find this album too slow and maybe a bit boring.

Carla Morrison's Dejenme Llorar is definitely a nice option for those who want to get away from commercial music. On top of all this, the voice and singing style of this artist is definitely capturing. Beyond what we may think about Dejenme Llorar, it is very refreshing to have artists like Carla Morrison in the Latin music world.

'Dejenme Llorar' - Best Tracks

Record Label: Carla Morrison Musica/Cosmica Records
Release Date: March 27, 2012
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