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Ricardo Arjona - Biography and Artist Profile


Photo Courtesy Andrea Nieto / Getty Images

Ricardo Arjona

Photo Courtesy Andrea Nieto / Getty Images

For the past twenty-five years Guatemalan-born artist Ricardo Arjona has been one of the most popular artists of the Latin Pop scene. His music is characterized by the poetic approach he usually incorporates into his different productions. The following is a short introduction to the life and music career of Ricardo Arjona.


  • Real name: Edgar Ricardo Arjona Morales
  • After earning a degree in Communications, he worked for a while as teacher for a rural school in Guatemala.
  • While he lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, his personal finances forced him to work as a street performer playing his guitar.
  • Besides music, Ricardo Arjona was an outstanding basketball player in the past. In fact, when he was younger he played for the Guatemalan national basketball team, and still holds the record for the most points scored during a single game by a Guatemalan player (78).
  • Ricardo Arjona moved to Mexico in the early 1990s and has been based in that country since then.

Early Years

Ricardo Arjona was born on January 19, 1964 in the city of Antigua. His father noticed Ricardo's interest for music and gave him a guitar as a gift when he was only a child. At 8 years old, he was already able to play the guitar. He did not like very much the strict schools he was sent to especially during the time he was a teenager. In fact, during those years the only thing he truly enjoyed was music.

A Rough Beginning

Ricardo Arjona recorded his first album when he was only 21. The title of that production was Dejame Decir Que Te Amo, a total disaster in the market. After that experience, Ricardo Arjona was a bit discouraged and moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he spent some time. When he went back to Guatemala, he became a teacher for a rural school before deciding to move to Mexico.

Life in Mexico was not easy for Ricardo Arjona at the beginning. He was constantly rejected by record labels, and when he finally found someone to work with, he was offered an agreement that paid him nothing for his music. Ironically, he produced his best-selling albums, Animal Nocturno and Historias, working under these circumstances.


After the success he gained with Animal Nocturno and Historias, Ricardo Arjona was in a good position to renegotiate the agreement he had signed with the record label. When he was about to launch his album Si El Norte Fuera El Sur, he met the producer Aloysio Reis who made possible the recording of the video for the hit song "Mujeres".

Thanks to this single, Ricardo Arjona's career took off like a rocket. "Muejeres" became a hit sensation throughout Latin American and the US, and helped Ricardo Arjona to consolidate a musical style defined by his poetic and rebellious lyrics.

Since that moment, Ricardo Arjona has continued to produce outstanding music taking advantage of the enormous talent he has as a songwriter. After all the bad experiences he had with record labels, Ricardo Arjona finally founded his own label. With total freedom, Ricardo Arjona continues to forge his own destiny as one of the most influential voices of Latin music.

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