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Yomo Toro - Famous Songs

A Selection of Tracks Featuring The Legendary Cuatro Player


Photo Courtesy Fania

Yomo Toro - 'La Herencia'

Photo Courtesy Fania

Yomo Toro was a Puerto Rican artist widely considered the greatest cuatro player in the history of Salsa music. His prolific musical career took off when he joined the Salsa revolution of the 1970s recording with artists such as Willie Colon and the Fania All Stars. The following list offers some of the best songs featuring the legendary Yomo Toro.

"Aires De Navidad"
From the fantastic album Asalto Navideño recorded by Willie Colon and Hector Lavoe, this track offers a fine cuatro playing by Yomo Toro. This Christmas song is one of my favorite tunes featuring the talented Puerto Rican musician.

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"En La Navidad"
This song features a nice cuatro introduction by Yomo Toro. The single, which is influenced by the beats of traditional Puerto Rican aguinaldos, is another nice track to celebrate Christmas time. This song belongs to the album Feliz Navidad featuring Hector Lavoe and Daniel Santos.

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"Doña Toña"
From the album The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly, this is one of the best songs to fully appreciate Yomo Toro's talent with the cuatro. A nice melody, which is enhanced by the nice trombone playing of Willie Colon.

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"El Lechon De Cachete"
"El Lecho De Cachete," a track included in the previously mentioned work Feliz Navidad, is probably the most famous piece written by the Puerto Rican artist. Thanks to this track and the other melodies he produced alongside Willie Colon, Yomo Toro became one of the most celebrated artists during Christmas time.

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"La Murga"
This track is the most popular song from the album Asalto Navideño. In fact, "La Murga" is one of the most iconic songs ever produced by Willie Colon and Hector Lavoe. You can hear throughout the song, the nice cuatro playing by Yomo Toro especially during the solo improvisation in the middle of it.

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"Quitate Tu"
"Quitate Tu" marked the birth of Salsa. This song is one of the greatest Salsa songs of all time featuring the legendary Fania All Stars during the famous Cheetah Concert in New York. Besides all the famous singers on stage, there is an unforgettable cuatro solo by Yomo Toro in the middle of the song. This is probably the most famous cuatro playing in the history of Salsa music.

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