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Ranchera Songs

A Selection of Some of The Best Ranchera Songs Ever Produced


These Ranchera songs have defined a big portion of the popularity that surrounds this traditional Mexican music genre. Besides defining Mexico's musical identity, Ranchera has also touched other Latin music genres such as Bolero and Latin Pop. I hope you enjoy this top 10 essential Ranchera songs.

10. “Ay, Chabela” - Paco Michel

This spicy classic is one of the most significant contributions that Paco Michel gave to Ranchera music. "Ay Chabela" is a simple and colorful love story song that became a hit with the voice of the legendary Ranchera singer Antonio Aguilar.
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9. “Entrega Total” - Javier Solis

"Entrega Total" is a song that falls into the Bolero Ranchero style. From one of the most beloved Ranchera artists in history, "Entrega Total" captures like no other the romantic style and sweet voice that Javier Solis brought to Ranchera music.
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8. “La Media Vuelta” - Antonio Aguilar

"La Media Vuelta" is a song originally written by Jose Alfredo Jimenez, probably the most influential Ranchera songwriter in history. However, this single gained lots of popularity with Antonio Aguilar's version. In recent years, Luis Miguel's interpretation of this song consolidated the appeal that has always surrounded this top Ranchera song.
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7. “Las Mañanitas”

If there is a Ranchera song that has touched Mexican culture in a significant way, that song is "Las Mañanitas." Ironically, the origins of this essential piece of the Mexican folklore are still unclear. For those who do not know, "Las Mañanitas" is the Mexican equivalent of the "Happy Birthday" song in the US.
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6. “Te Lo Pido Por Favor” - Juan Gabriel

Juan Gabriel is an icon of Mexican music. Even though, his career has been mainly defined by the sounds of romantic ballads and Latin Pop, Juan Gabriel has built most of her success around Mexican Mariachi music. "Te Lo Pido Por Favor" is one of the most beautiful Ranchera songs of the Juan Gabriel repertoire.
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5. “Cielito Lindo” - Quirino Mendoza y Cortes

This song is probably the most famous Ranchera song around the world. It was written in 1882 by Quirino Mendoza y Cortes and it has been recorded by thousands of artists. Besides its beautiful lyrics, "Cielito Lindo" is also an essential ingredient of traditional Mexican music.
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4. “Dejame Vivir” - Juan Gabriel and Rocio Durcal

During the 1980's, Juan Gabriel formed a successful duo with Spanish singer Rocio Durcal. Together, they produced several Ranchera songs creating a modern appeal for this genre. Thanks to "Dejame Vivir," the duo became a music phenomenon throughout Latin America. 
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3. “Por Tu Maldito Amor” - Vicente Fernandez

"Por Tu Maldito Amor" is one of the most heartbreaking Ranchera songs ever produced. Originally written by the prolific songwriter Federico Mendez Tejeda, it became a tremendous Ranchera hit thanks to Vicente Fernandez.
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2. “Mujeres Divinas” - Vicente Fernandez

"Mujeres Divinas" is one of the most popular Ranchera songs ever produced. Just like "Por Tu Maldito Amor," this track gained enormous popularity through the voice of Vicente Fernandez. The song, however, was originally written by Martin Urieta.
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1. “El Rey” - Jose Alfredo Jimenez

Another top Ranchera hit by the gifted songwriter Jose Alfredo Jimenez, this song is one of the most popular Ranchera songs ever recorded. "El Rey" is very often associated with the King of Ranchera music Vicente Fernandez thanks to his enduring interpretation of this song.
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