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Wisin y Yandel - 'Lideres' CD Review

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Photo Courtesy Machete Music

Wisin y Yandel - 'Lideres'

Photo Courtesy Machete Music

The popular Reggaeton duo Wisin y Yandel is back with one of the most anticipated Latin music albums of 2012. The following is an overview of Lideres, a 15-track CD that consolidates the unique combination of Reggaeton and Dance music that the Puerto Rican duo has been building during the last years.

A Modern Latin Urban Work

Lideres represents a good example of what we can consider a modern Latin Urban music album. This production offers a good balance between the original flavors of Reggaeton and a sound shaped by defined Dance beats that can be heard throughout the whole album.

The different artists featured in this work respond to that idea. They include Pop diva Jennifer Lopez, Hip-Hop artist Chris Brown, fellow Reggaeton and Latin Urban artists O'Neill and Franco 'El Gorila,' and the famous rapper and producer T-Pain.

Besides the already popular hit "Follow The Leader," featuring J.Lo, other dancing tracks include titles like "Tu Nombre," "Algo Me Gusta De Ti," featuring Chris Brown and T-Pain, "No Te Detengas," and "Una Bendicion," among others.

On the Reggaeton side, there are singles clearly defined by this style including "Hipnotizame," "Peligro," "Prende," featuring Franco 'El Gorila' and O'Neill, and "Musica Buena". I personally like better the Reggaeton tracks on this album but that is just my own preference. I think this album pleases both Reggaeton and Latin Pop fans.

Closer to Latin Pop

Lideres is also an album that closes the gap between Latin Urban music and Latin Pop. In fact, several of the tracks on this work can be easily placed among top 40 hits. An example of this is "Follow The Leader," a track that has enjoyed enormous popularity as a top hit in the Latin Pop category.

Another song that places this album closer to the Latin Pop realm is the romantic single "Perdon." This track, which is definitely a Pop song, allows Wisin y Yandel to bring a new musical dimension to this album. The single "Un Beso" is another track that allows the idea to further explore this dimension.

Overall, Lideres is an album that offers a good mix of a little bit of Reggaeton, Dance music and Latin Pop. Considering this mix is what is making Latin Urban music so popular today, Lideres does a good job in delivering just what the people want.

'Lideres' - Bottom Line

The first thing to say about Lideres is that this is a very commercial, mainstream album. If you are into this kind of music, you are going to like this album. If you are not, you better stay away from this work.

That said, I believe Wisin y Yandel delivered a solid work. Lideres could be anything but boring. In fact, time flies when you are listening to this CD, which I think is a good sign of its general appeal. The exhilarating combination of sounds that Lideres offers will force you to move your body at some point even if you do not feel like it. In other words, this is a fun album to listen and dance to. I expect to see several of these tracks moving up to the top of the music charts.

'Lideres' - Best Tracks

  • "Hipnotizame"
  • "Algo Me Gusta De Ti"
  • "Peligro"
  • "Follow The Leader"
  • "Rumba"
  • "Prende"
  • "Musica Buena"
  • "Un Beso"
  • "Vengo Acabando"
Record Label: Machete Music
Release Date: July 3, 2012
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